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Sustainability at Quanex


Environmental Stewardship

The Liniar team uses its waste vinyl to manufacture a home decking product. Because it is made with vinyl, this decking product has proven to be extremely durable and long-lasting with little required maintenance. In fiscal 2022, Liniar reprocessed 1,539 metric tons of vinyl scrap into Decking, Fencing, Reinforcement, Piling and ancillary items.

The Mikron team uses scrap vinyl material to produce a variety of fence components, including fence rails, top rails, fence panels, fence posts, and post caps. In addition, Mikron repurposes other vinyl scrap for use as a packing component when it ships other products to its customers. In fiscal year 2022, Mikron repurposed 645 metric tons of vinyl for use in packaging and 1,003 metric tons for use in manufacturing fence components.

In total, we repurposed 3,187 tons of vinyl that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.
We are likewise continually considering alternate uses for recycled vinyl and other ways in which we might be able to repurpose our vinyl scrap. Quanex is committed to protecting the environment in which we live and operate. Reducing vinyl landfill waste is just one of the ways we are doing so.

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