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Extrusion Capabilities

The Experts in Vinyl Extrusion

Quanex has decades of extrusion expertise to help deliver innovative polymer technologies across the globe.
With more than 35 years of leading expertise in materials science and experience throughout the fenestration industry, we offer vinyl extrusion capabilities for high-performance products in many markets including window, door and fencing.

  • Backed by Experience, Ready for the Future

    With our experience in a wide variety of active extrusion profiles, we can deliver exacting specifications with the high-performance and customizable solutions our customers have come to expect. Our quality processes—including continuous sample measurement via advanced imaging software—help connect the daily production floor to your approved engineered profile specifications, ensuring angularity, flatness, bow, surface and gloss quality, cut lengths and color. Our award-winning polyvinyl chloride (PVC) innovations are designed to dramatically improve the performance of your vinyl products.

    Quanex - Vinyl Extrusion Capabilities
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