Quanex's Corporate Responsibilty

In accordance with our CREED, we strive to make a positive impact on the world and to be a responsible corporate citizen everywhere we operate. Our research and development teams are continuously on the hunt for innovative products and practices, and we continually work toward potential improvements in all aspects of our business.

A Note from George Wilson

George WilsonQuanex’s social responsibility framework centers on the four stakeholders that we believe are vital to our success: Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Communities. This report provides an overview of the policies, objectives, performance and activities undertaken during fiscal 2021 with respect to each of those stakeholders. Quanex and its Board recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility, and we strive every day to ensure that we exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders in this regard.

Quanex's 4 Stakeholders

We know that all our stakeholders have a keen interest in the sustainability of our business. As part of our ongoing efforts to drive a more sustainable and socially conscious business, Richard Mack has been appointed in 2021 as our first Director of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”). In this newly created position, he will take the lead in developing programs across Quanex to drive sustainability, environmental management, and social responsibility. He will also work extensively with our Human Resources leaders to develop various Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DE&I”) initiatives, and with our General Counsel and Board of Directors to ensure the continued monitoring and maintenance of effective governance practices.

Developing and producing energy-saving components

For decades, Quanex and its family of businesses have been industry leaders in the development and production of energy- saving components for residential and commercial windows and doors. We continually work with our customers to develop more energy-efficient products and meet the increasingly high demand for fenestration and cabinet components that save energy and minimize environmental impact. To achieve these goals, we continually seek out actions that will reduce greenhouse gases both in our manufacturing process and at the end use.

Our commitment to being an ethical supplier

We also know that customers choose suppliers who take appropriate steps to protect the health, safety and human rights of their employees and others, and who affirm the importance of maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Quanex not only affirms its own commitment to being an ethical supplier, but also requires its suppliers to make such commitments through its Code of Supplier Conduct.

- George Wilson - President & CEO

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