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IntelliClip® Muntin End Clips

The IntelliClip® muntin bar clip product line features targeted grid placement technology that removes the opportunity for misaligned grids due to operator error. By incorporating these muntin clips into your manufacturing process, you’ll realize perfectly aligned muntin bars to maintain excellent aesthetics throughout your window systems.

Technical data

  • Industry-tested, proven polymers
  • Unique fin design for quick, secure placement
  • Translucent plastic profile available
  • Available in a variety of sizes and for the full range of air spaces
  • Translucent white is the standard color for nonmetal end pins
  • Minimum order of one box per size (5,000 pieces)


  • Quick, secure placement into pre-notched locations on spacer
  • Fin design centers muntins within airspace
  • Muntin bar location slit can be automatically produced as the spacer is robotically applied to the glass with razor-edge accuracy
  • Minimal exposed surface area keeps focus on the window design and not on the clip

Product Literature

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