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Rolltrusion Capabilities

Unifying Metal and Thermoplastic

Quanex’s proprietary RollTrusion® process helps deliver the best of roll formed metal and extrusion-grade thermoplastic in a single piece for unmatched flexibility and durability.

No single material exists to provide the strength and dimensional stability of rolled metal, combined with the design flexibility offered by plastics. That is why we invented RollTrusion, a proprietary process that unites roll formed metal and thermoplastic extrusions into a single piece, providing our customers with the best properties of the two materials—for the ultimate in flexibility and durability.

The RollTrusion process enables increased assembly efficiency and decreased costs while delivering enhanced performance in your finished product. Quanex’s RollTrusion process is ideal for a multitude of applications, from mull trims and storm seals for window and door manufacturers to drawer slides for tool chest manufacturers, as well as for custom applications that require specialty shapes, sizes, colors, materials and finishes.

Quanex’s skilled engineers are able to design new components and tooling to your exact specifications and can rapidly prototype and pilot test new products, providing your business with the complete support needed to bring your innovations to life.

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We’re Committed to Quality

We employ a total quality management system that includes 3D CAD profiles, high-quality steel carbide tooling, precision noncontact measurements. Our manufacturing processes are linked wherever possible to drive down labor costs and improve efficiencies. Just-in-time production and six sigma practices drive our organization so that we can better serve our customers, resulting in best-in-class quality, lead times and overall service.

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