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Quanex Trademark List

The following is a nonexhaustive list of Quanex Building Products Corporation’s Trademark Registrations in the United States. Use of the following trademarks within the United States should include the appropriate designation as appearing below (either ® or TM). Use of the trademarks outside of the United States should include the notice that the marks used are either “trademarks of Quanex Building Products Corporation or its subsidiaries Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries,” or “trademarks of Quanex Building Products Corporation.” The following also lists a suggested generic term for a product or service for each trademark.

Quanex Building Products Corporation and its subsidiaries own additional registered and nonregistered trademarks that do not appear on the following list. The following list is exemplary and there is no waiver of rights for not including a trademark on this list.


Quanex Trademarks Generic Terms
360® and design insulating glass spacers
DECOSEAL® insulating glass spacers
DURALITE® insulating glass spacers
DURASEAL® insulating glass spacers
DXT3/16® insulating glass spacers
E® and design insulating glass spacers
E EDGETECH BETWEEN YOU AND THE ELEMENTS.® and design insulating glass spacers
EDGETECH® insulating glass spacers
EDGETHERM® sealant(s)
ENERGYCORE® windows, doors, or window sashes
ENERGYQUEST® windows, doors, or window sashes
ENVIROSEAL® insulating glass spacers
ENVIROSEALED WINDOWS® insulating glass spacers
GRIDLOC® muntin clips
HEALTH SMART WINDOWS® nonmetal windows
HOMESHIELD® soffits or fascia
IMPERISEAL® component parts for thresholds or sills
INTELLICLIP® muntin clips
MICROSEAL® insulating glass spacers
MIKRON® extruded plastics
MIKRON® manufacturing services
MIKRON BLEND® and design extrusion and molding compounds
MIKRONBLEND® extrusion and molding compounds
MIKRONWOOD® extruded building products
Q® and design metal window and door components
Q® and design custom manufacture of building construction materials
Q-GLAZE® sealants and caulks
QUANEX® building products
QUANEX BUILDING PRODUCTS® and design building products
QUIET EDGE® insulating glass spacers
ROLLTRUSION® metal and plastic profiles
SOLARGAIN® solar panel edge seals
SUPER SPACER® insulating glass spacers
TRUE WARM® insulating glass spacers
TSS® insulating glass spacers
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