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Polymer Solutions

Applying our Expertise to Your Challenges

Quanex has been a long-standing leader in the development and application of new polymer technologies, enabling higher levels of performance in a range of end uses. Our expertise in butyl-based adhesive design and compounding, our composite and polymer extrusion technology, and our industry-leading research and development teams and facilities ensure that Quanex polymer technologies remain some of the most innovative on earth.

And we want to apply those technologies to your toughest challenges. No matter your application, we can help you formulate, design and produce new products and enhance existing ones with high-performance thermoset and thermoplastic materials. Backed by our product design expertise and industry-leading service, trust us to help you overcome your next challenge.

From Science to Production

In addition to our ability to help you identify the right polymer solution, we can assist you in developing and implementing reliable production strategies. Our Technical Services team is well-versed in all manner of production, and they’re ready to help.

Quanex - Technical Services
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