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The sapphire tower in san diego is a vision come true

The southern façade of the structure, the side facing the ocean, is too close in proximity to the other buildings around it. This meant that the structure needed to have fire protection for up to 45 minutes in order to meet building code. Before fire-rated glass was available, only brick or drywall could have met this requirement; but this is where Safti First Fire-Rated Glazing Solutions, along with Quanex’s Super Spacer®, come into play.


The project was completed in November 2008, and included 10,000 square feet of fire-rated glazing on the southern façade. The units, insulated with Super Spacer, were supplied by Safti First and were complete when delivered to the site. All 182 openings of the 32 floors of the high-rise utilize the fire-rated insulating glass.

Project Details

Swinerton Builders – San Diego, CA
Starling Windows, Inc – Everett, WA
Capital Glazing Contractors – Oceanside, CA

AVRP Studios, Inc. – San Diego, CA

Window/IG Fabricator
SAFTI-FIRST Fire-Rated Glazing Solutions

Types of Glazing
10,000 square feet of fire-rated insulating glass sealed with Super Spacer®

10,000 square feet of fire-rated glazing on the southern façade solved a problem that only years before could have only been solved with brick or drywall.

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