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Thermal Performance to handle the harsh winter in Salt Lake City

“With the 2002 Winter Olympics being held in Utah, we knew it was a cold enough climate to require pretty good thermal performance,” said architect J.K. Russell. “We’ve only had the first year of use, so from a long term perspective, it’s hard to tell too much yet except that we’re seal-failure free, and that makes everyone happy.” The 270,000 square foot building was completed in 2001.

Property managers for the 330-unit apartment complex report seeing no condensation in the first winter, says Nicky Perry of Cowboy Properties. Acoustically, things seem to have gone as smoothly in the first year with no reported concerns regarding external noise at the near-central Salt Lake City location.

Project Details

Windows: CWD Windows – Calgary, Alberta
Frames: extruded vinyl
IG: dual pane, single Low-e coating, argon gas and Super Spacer®

J.K. Russell, Humphreys & Partners – Dallas, Texas

The Project
Building size: 270,000 square feet

North Gate Village – The Gateway Project was one of several new apartment buildings that went up to initially accommodate athletes, media and staff from the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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