Mikron AW-Rated System C3- 11300™

Mikron C3-11300™ meets the needs of mid- and high-rise commercial buildings with an optimal mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics.

The system is ideal for both new construction and replacement projects, incorporating a 3-1/4" (83 mm) frame depth with a range of applicable configurations, including Tilt and Turn, Casement, Awning, Fixed Window and Swing Door. This versatile window profile delivers higher structural performance and thermal efficiencies, with operable windows accepting a full range of standard and concealed multi-lock hardware, as well as all windows accommodating multiple reinforcing material options.

Mikron C3-11300 enables high performance and other benefits:
  • 3-1/4" (83 mm) frame depth, ideal for new construction and replacement applications
  • Increased energy efficiency and acoustical properties to improve occupant comfort
  • Higher structural performance by accommodating multiple reinforcing material options
  • Glazed from either interior or exterior for superior versatility
  • Optimized structural strength
  • Ideal mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics
  • Ease of manufacture and labor savings
Mikron C3-11300 features:
  • Frame and sash hollow compartments for optimal reinforcements required in heavy commercial applications
  • .100'' (2.5 mm) main wall thickness
  • T-bar for mulling and stacking
  • Integral interior and exterior perimeter accessory groove
  • Common frame on all four sides
  • Accepts standard multi-lock hardware
  • Patented dual, co-extruded SuperCapSR™ color technology on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Styles available:
    • Tilt and Turn, Casement, Awning, Fixed Window, Swing Door
  • Finishes available:
    • MikronBlend® Solid Vinyl Colors: White, Adobe, Almond
    • SuperCapSR™ Exterior Colors: Architectural Bronze, Black, Silver
Thermal performance based on computer simulation using a 24" x 60" window size. Triple-glazed, high-performance glass package with Super Spacer® Premium spacer and superior thermal technology frame and sashes:
Structural PerformanceThermal Performance
60" x 99'' Interior Glaze60" x 99" Exterior Glaze
Air: Infiltration .05Air: Infiltration .04
Air: Exfiltration –Air: Exfiltration .07
Water: 15 lbs.Water: 15 lbs.
U-Factor: 0.16U-Factor: 0.16
SHGC: .16SHGC: .16
VT: .31VT: .31
CR: 75 (frame and glass)CR: 78 (frame and glass)
Mikron AW-Rated System C3- 11300™

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