Window & Door Profiles

Quanex is a premier provider of commercial and residential vinyl window and door profiles designed to our customers’ exacting specifications and regional needs. With a variety of systems, finishes and accessories, we can help you design your next-generation systems.

Window Profiles

Whether it’s a full window system or one part of your design, all Quanex extrusions are engineered to provide superior energy performance and long-term durability featuring our proprietary MikronBlend® vinyl compound. MikronBlend is formulated to withstand the toughest conditions and standards. It is tested tough and real world proven for over 30 years. We use it exclusively across all of our manufacturing facilities and it is engineered to be extremely consistent – batch after batch.

And, with in-house design and testing, precision tooling, and advanced blending capabilities, Quanex can help you bring new, innovative products to market.

Door Profiles

The door frame is a key consideration when designing for efficiency. Proven around the world, our hybrid-reinforced vinyl products for commercial and residential applications are time-tested in the field to provide strength and improved thermal efficiency over competitive materials.

Materials and Finishes

With more than 35 years of experience, Quanex’s high-performance materials and finishing technologies are field-proven and weather-tested, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance for the ultimate in end-user satisfaction.