Duralite® Warm-Edge Spacers for Windows

Duralite® from Quanex is a warm-edge spacer system used in the high-volume production of dual- and triple-pane insulating glass units. Windows made with Duralite have a smooth surface appearance, superior argon gas retention and a warmer edge of glass, adding comfort and energy efficiency to homes.

For the production efficiency, Duralite has a patented design that is applied in a single step using heat and minimal compression.

Duralite from Quanex is preassembled with proven components, sealant, spacer and desiccant to create a high-performance system. Other features:
  • Composite laminating technology
  • Polycarbonate spacer element (no metal)
  • Black or gray sightline
  • Proven adhesive technology
  • Optimized packaging
  • Sizes to accommodate airspaces of ¼” (6mm) to 13/16” (20.5mm)
Duralite from Quanex requires minimal compression for efficient handling and production. Other benefits:
  • Smooth surface appearance
  • Superior argon gas retention
  • Improved condensation resistance
  • Warmer edge of glass temperature
The following information is published as general information only. The listed properties and performance characteristics are approximate values and are not part of the product specification.
Thermal Conductance (Klin)
0.080 W/m° C based on ½”
(13mm) spacer
Ψ (psi per EN ISO 10077):
30% lower than next warmest spacer
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
0.09 g H20/m² per 24 hrsASTM F 1249
Volatile Fogging
PassesASTM E 2189 CGSB 12.8
Argon Permeance
6-8 c.c/100 in.² per 24 hrs.ASTM D 1434
Bondline Adhesive UV Resistance
Dew Point Development
-20° F (-29° C) in 48 hrsASTM E 546
Tensile Strength
50 psiTST 389C
Duralite® Warm-Edge Spacers for Windows

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Duralite® Warm-Edge Spacers for Windows

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