Super Spacer® Premium Enhanced

Super Spacer® Premium Enhanced delivers outstanding performance with high-quality silicone material and desiccant, all while featuring a narrow sightline—a preferred choice among designers and architects for beautiful aesthetics.

Super Spacer® Premium Enhanced features:
  • Low conductivity
  • Edge-seal durability
  • Highly breathable flexible foam matrix
  • High desiccant content for moisture absorption
  • High-quality silicone
  • Superior argon gas retention
Super Spacer Premium Enhanced offers high performance for IG unit production:
  • Pleasing aesthetic appearance
  • Superior resistance to ozone, UV light and oxidation
  • Optimized energy savings
  • Enhanced environmental comfort near windows
  • Excellent condensation resistance
  • Long-term durability
  • Added value and differentiation
The foregoing information is published as general information only. The listed properties and performance characteristics are approximate values and are not part of the product specification.
  • North America ASTM E2188/E2189/E2190
  • European EN 1279
  • Canadian CGSB 12.8
  • French Standard CSTB for CEKAL
Super Spacer® Premium Enhanced

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