Safety Policy

Quanex holds safety as one of our more important core values. We proudly foster a culture that promotes the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate.

At Quanex, employee safety and health is paramount. At no time will anything in our manufacturing process be more important than employee safety. We believe that each employee has the right to go home each day without having been injured. Each plant manager is held personally accountable for the safety of the employees under his/her direction, and each employee is accountable to his/her fellow associates for safety. We believe that accountability is a key element in keeping everyone safe. Our CEO is involved monthly in reviews of recordable injuries, with all manufacturing leaders, focusing on preventing recurrence.

Our goal is to be not only the safest in our industry, but one of the safest companies in America and in each country abroad in which we operate. From 2012 to 2015, our recordable injury rate has improved by 44%. However, our mindset is to never be satisfied with our improvements, as we believe satisfaction leads to complacency and complacency to injuries. We continue to be focused on a strategy of continuous improvement through incident prevention programs such as Near Miss reporting, Management of Change, Prevention through Process and Machine Design, and an extensive audit program.

Our core health and safety beliefs are:

  • Safety is first in all decisions.
  • Zero occupational injuries and illnesses is our goal. All occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.
  • A safe and healthy work environment is key to business success.
  • All employees are authorized and expected to stop work if an unsafe condition or operation is identified.
  • It is everyone's responsibility to work safely, and it is a condition of employment.
  • Quanex leadership will ensure employees have the tools and training necessary to work safely.
  • We will meet or exceed health and safety regulatory requirements and set higher standards for ourselves and suppliers where unacceptable risks are identified.
  • Health and safety metrics are set and supported to drive continuous improvement.

Watch our “Culture of Safety” video for more information.