Lock in Power With SolarGain® Edge Sealants

Solar panel sealants from Quanex help you extend module longevity by providing a true moisture barrier that protects PV cells and solder joints.

A Reliable Way to Maximize Power and Performance

Solar module manufacturers must continuously seek new ways to ensure the highest levels of module performance and longevity—major investments in new solar infrastructure development depend upon it.

To improve panel longevity and maximize power, look no further than   SolarGain Edge Sealant from Quanex, a desiccated butyl/desiccated polyisobutylene (PIB) edge sealant for thin film and crystalline silicon  (c-Si) photovoltaic (PV) modules. The insulating properties of PIB enable the aperture efficiency of the modules to be increased. The addition of desiccant creates a step change, delaying moisture migration, helping to protect cells, connections and conductive coatings from degradation. SolarGain Edge Sealant can help maximize performance and longevity.

How it works: The desiccated PIB enhances moisture protection, allowing SolarGain Edge Sealant to become a true moisture barrier that can delay ingress for 25 years or more. Desiccant grabs and holds moisture, delaying exposure to the PV cells and solder joints.

Proven Performance

Extensive testing performed by our technical teams has demonstrated solar cell sealants’ ability to provide high levels of moisture protection in crystalline silicon panels, helping to reduce moisture-related power degradation and achieve more power output over a longer lifetime.

Read our new white paper, “Why Edge Sealants Can Improve Performance in Crystalline Solar Panels,” to learn more about how an edge sealant can:
  • Delay moisture ingress
  • Help prevent loss of power over a module’s lifetime by significantly delaying any degradation mechanisms activated by moisture
  • Maximize cell area, increasing aperture efficiency
  • Maintain excellent environmental performance in high-heat conditions

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The bottom line for PV module manufacturers is clear: The application of solar edge seal tape like SolarGain Edge Sealant has been shown to improve longevity and power potential over the course of many years. Adopting new measures to ensure long-term performance of PV modules can help improve bankability in the eyes of investors and customers, helping you to develop a sharper competitive edge.


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