Market Insights

Quanex provides a variety of unique services designed to help our customers make their businesses better.

Through our deep industry engagement and continual market monitoring, Quanex can offer:

  • Custom regional market window forecasts
  • Market insights by state and by major metropolitan areas
  • Window market segment analysis by new construction vs. remodeling
  • Housing market segment analysis by single family vs. multifamily

Anthony Wright

Anthony Wright is the Director of Strategic Marketing & Analysis for Quanex Building Products. With more than 20 years of experience leading research projects and setting long-term business strategies for national brands, Anthony will keep you up to date on the latest market insights and how they impact your every day.

Contact Anthony Wright directly at anthony.wright@quanex.com


Three Trends to Watch in 2016

This past year, we spent month after month waiting for single-family housing to take off, multifamily housing to stall, and a net-positive economic impact for oil- and gas-dependent housing economies. Instead what we got was tepid growth in single-family housing starts, volatile multifamily housing growth, recession-like job losses and sluggish home sales.

Posted: January 04, 2016 by Anthony Wright

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3 Reasons California is the New Texas

As we’ve moved from recession to recovery, Texas has been center stage when it comes to the housing market. But, could it have some West Coast competition?

Posted: December 15, 2015 by Anthony Wright

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