July 30, 2020

Why You Should Rethink Investing in Screens Equipment

by Guest Blogger

Capital investments come with running any successful, growing window company. Whether it’s investments in your people, in your equipment, or in the components used to make high-performance products, directing your expenditures in smart, strategic ways can make all the difference.

For a window company that does all of its fabrication work in-house, one area of investment that must be considered is the screens department. And because no successful window company stays in one place for very long, with growth resulting from innovation and diversification in their window and door offerings, keeping the right screens equipment on hand and available can become cumbersome and costly.

Consider: If you’re in the process of developing a new window line, a new size and type of screen must be developed along with it. That means new punches specific to that window, machinery that can properly assemble it, screen tabs and more. And that’s just for one specific size of your new window line. A diversified line, with multiple options for size and operability will require different equipment and components for corresponding screens production.

All of this screens-related capital requires some considerable expenditure, and it won’t necessarily result in much return. After all, screens aren’t a value-add for your new window line—they’re simply a customer expectation.

What if your screens expenditures, then, could be directed somewhere else? Somewhere where you can add even greater value or to that new window line, like a more thermally efficient glass package, a higher-performance frame, or a wider variety of color options?

It’s reason enough for growing, innovative window manufacturers to rethink investing in screens equipment—and whether it’s worth their continued in-house manufacturing of screens at all. More than the investment in screens equipment, production requires extreme consistency and can be a major drag on your labor force.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Rather than reinvesting in screens equipment every time you reinvest in your core product, consider strategic screens outsourcing solutions from a reliable supplier. By working with a dedicated screens vendor who can match the needs of your production schedule, as well as the needs of your core product, window manufacturers can realize greater efficiency in the production process, free up plant floor space and labor, and are free to innovate with their core products without worrying about the headaches that decision will make in the screens shop.

Interested in what screens outsourcing solutions can do for your business?  Quanex offers screens outsourcing solutions with multiple dedicated screens production facilities operating throughout the U.S. Since screens production is all we do at these locations, quality is assured, along with custom packaging and delivery options to meet the needs of any manufacturer.

Check out www.Quanex.com/Screens to learn more, or contact me directly at Brian.Ludwig@Quanex.com.

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