November 20, 2015

Why LinkedIn is Important to Fenestration Professionals

by Erin Johnson

The social media landscape is constantly evolving with new channels and applications being added so frequently that it seems nearly impossible to keep up.
But, one thing that has stood out to me over the last couple of years:  LinkedIn has increasingly become a meeting place for fenestration professionals – and it is the one channel you should be engaging with both personally and professionally. Here’s why:
Personal branding.  
Think of your LinkedIn profile as your own professional website. It’s your opportunity to build your personal brand and to tell your story. It can also serve as a place to share your thoughts, expertise and blogs with like-minded professionals. (In my next post I will walk you through optimizing your LinkedIn profile – so check back!)
Company branding.
Your company’s LinkedIn page should serve two purposes: 1.) to elevate your position as a thought leader in your industry and 2.) to entice followers back to your website for job openings, product information or to your company blog. Accomplish this by making sure that your company page is in line with your brand (visually and in tone) and focus on primarily sharing valuable non-sales content, and secondarily on promoting your products and services.
Engaging with peers and like-minded professionals.
 LinkedIn can be a conversation starter. Forums and groups exist for fenestration professionals to discuss timely topics and challenges with peers. It’s a great way to make connections, find solutions and to share best practices
Engaging with prospects and customers. 
LinkedIn is a conversation starter, but it can also be a conversion starter, especially for B2B companies.  Share content with calls to action (CTAs) that drive your customers or prospects back to your website. From there, always give them an opportunity to take the next step in the buying process, such as completing a form or talking to a company representative.
If you have a piece of high-value, quality content you might also consider placing ads on LinkedIn that will appear for your target audiences. The content can then be “gated” by a form so you can capture the names of potential leads. NOTE: Your results will only be as good as your offer. Make sure it’s of value and solves a need for your target audience.
Attracting talent.
Last, but certainly not least, LinkedIn can help your company attract quality employees. Oftentimes, LinkedIn is the first experience a candidate might have with you, your company and your co-workers. Having optimized personal and company profiles is important to making the right impression. You can also use LinkedIn to post and promote job openings (either as a share from your page or as a paid ad) to help you find the right talent.
Check back next week when I review the anatomy of a successful LinkedIn profile. Meanwhile, download Quanex’s Digital Guide 2.0 for a comprehensive look at digital strategies for fenestration professionals.

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