August 11, 2017

Why Color is Driving Vinyl Window Trends

by Eric Thompson

Vinyl windows have been the leader in new residential and multifamily construction for a number of years. That isn’t news. But one of the reasons this continues to be the case is worth examining.

That reason is color. I’ve seen it happen with a couple of key customers recently. The color versatility that vinyl can provide has opened up new opportunities that didn’t exist when manufacturers were first experimenting in this area.

“Well, that’s not news either,” you might be saying. And you’d be right. Color options for vinyl window profiles have been around for at least ten years.

Per Window & Door at the time:

Technologies for adding interior and exterior color have evolved to the point virtually any color or design can appear on vinyl. Many in the industry agree that decorated vinyl—be it painted, laminated or co-extruded—is emerging beyond a small niche and finally catching momentum in the window and door world.

Since then, however, vinyl has become more and more widely sought among homeowners—and that’s led to market saturation. Vinyl is popular for many reasons today, and industry influencers including the American Architectural Manufacturers Association have had a hand in incentivizing the development of stronger, better compounds that offer enhanced thermal efficiency. Additionally, old worries around cracking and yellowing in new vinyl windows have effectively vanished.

What to do amidst market saturation? Innovate. And an increasing number of window and door makers have done so through offering a range of color options that can add greater visual appeal to a new home.

Alternative colors, including almond and tan, have helped suppliers take advantage of regional demand. I’ve seen it happen on numerous accounts recently. And it’s not just individual homeowners, as multi-family and light commercial builders have seized on new color availability. Co-extruded color technology has also eliminated some of the issues, like cracking and peeling, that have historically plagued colored vinyl in the past.

It’s no secret that our industry is changing. Window and door companies are challenged to do more with less, and have tapped into automation to meet those goals. These changing dynamics redefining how products are made and brought to market, and the opportunity to innovate—whether it’s with color technology or beyond—is ripe for the taking. If you’re a vinyl window manufacturer, it’s worth considering how you can take advantage.

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