April 02, 2019

What Your Marketing Materials Say About You

by Erin Johnson

A couple weeks ago, we touched on why digital marketing is a priority for not just fenestration professionals, but marketers in any industry.

But sometimes, it can still be OK to think a little old-fashioned. I’ve recently seen a bit of chatter about how traditional marketing strategies like direct mail are making something of a comeback. Though it’s hard to find conclusive proof this is actually the case, it makes some intuitive sense—in a world where we’re constantly inundated with digital messages via our inboxes, social media channels and more, an eye-catching piece of real, printed mail can cut through the fog.

It’s been noted that some specific audiences are still ripe for targeting through direct mail. MarketingSchools.org specifically notes, “Homeowners might accept a free quote and/or discount from fencing contractors, painters, landscape architects, heating and air-conditioning installers, security systems installers, and housekeepers—which in turn could be converted into future business.” Window companies fit into the conversation, too.

Which isn’t to say you should drop everything and start a direct mail campaign today. But a balanced, comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy should incorporate a good mix of both digital and printed collateral working in tandem. We can absolutely still get an effective message to customers in the physical world with the right materials.

Whether it’s a brochure, a flyer, a business card, or, yes, a direct mail piece, a well-thought-through, high-quality printed item can leave a good impression with any potential customer. Consider that a brochure is often what a given customer remembers you by, and it can be a bit more lasting than a digital message. A homeowner thinking about replacing their windows might find your brochure weeks later, rekindling his or her interest. A builder or installer might use your printed materials for quick reference if they’re not in the immediate vicinity of a computer. There’s also opportunity to marry the worlds of print and digital with technology like scannable QR codes, pushing your customer to a web page on their smartphone for more detailed information if they’re looking for it.

Perhaps most importantly, a printed piece can give customers a better sense of your brand identity. The quality of the design, the quality of the material itself, and the quality of information all offer clues about what that person can expect from your product. A flimsy, generic, information-lacking brochure or other item might have a potential customer looking to do business elsewhere.

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