March 05, 2018

What You Need to Know About GreenON Rebates

by Guest Blogger

Big news for energy efficient windows in Canada: The Green Ontario Fund (GreenON) has announced major changes to its rebate program. Homeowners can now receive up to $500 per window, and up to $5,000 total, when upgrading to high-performance windows over the next two years.

DWM Magazine reports on the details:
The rebates from the Green Ontario Fund (GreenON) offer $500 per window up to $5,000 when homeowners upgrade to select high-performance windows.

The windows must be certified and labeled to conform to Energy Star Zone 3. They must also be rated Energy Star Most Efficient 2017 by Natural Resources Canada. Jeff Baker, the technical consultant for Fenestration Canada, clarified that the energy requirements on a certified window’s label would be an Energy Rating (ER) of 26 or greater and a U-factor of 1.14, or an ER of 36 or greater and a U-factor of 1.4. Both the ER and U-factor requirements must be met and appear on the label.

What does it mean for residential window manufacturers doing business in Ontario? The rebates should be in effect for about two years, and my sense is that of all windows sold in the province over the next five years, it could skew purchases toward 2018 and 2019 due to this news. That could be a big potential spike for residential window manufacturers looking to capitalize! The time to act is now.

I’m already having good conversations with several customers on how they can get their products to the necessary performance standards. Will it require triple glazing? New coatings? Switching to higher-performance spacer technology?

The answers aren’t going to be the same for everyone. Depending your current design and materials choices, it might require a few tweaks, or it might require complete rethinking. Put simply: It’s going to take some time before the answers are immediately clear.

But rest assured, Quanex is ready to have those conversations with all its customers. I’d encourage everyone to begin thinking about their strategies to meet these performance goals today. Get in touch!

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