August 12, 2020

What to Expect from Quanex at GlassBuild Connect 2020

by Guest Blogger

A year without a traditional GlassBuild show means that the fenestration industry is finding new ways to connect this autumn.

One of those ways is the National Glass Association’s (NGA’s) GlassBuild Connect, a month-long online experience that will showcase exhibitor’s products and services for buyers and prospects throughout the month of September. As with any typical GlassBuild experience, Quanex will be participating, showcasing its expert services and industry-leading product technology that can help fenestration professionals succeed. We’ll also be supplementing the experience at, where you can find weekly updates from our experts on our latest offerings.

Here’s what you can expect:

Ongoing warm-edge excellence. Backed by a longstanding history in warm-edge spacer technology, Quanex Building Products’ Super Spacer® and flexible, nonmetal-based Duralite® enable IG manufacturers everywhere to achieve superior efficiency and performance.

Super Spacer revolutionized warm-edge technology more than 30 years ago and continues to lead the market. The product is used in energy-efficient window designs in residential and commercial applications all over the world, and as architectural applications grow bolder, only Super Spacer has the established track record of proven performance that stakeholders can trust with its inherent flexibility and superior performance.

Duralite is a high-quality single-seal spacer solution ideally suited for high-volume operations where productivity is critical. Duralite comes fully preassembled with proven Quanex components, sealant, spacer and desiccant, and its one-step sealing process helps manufacturers realize improved condensation resistance and warmer edge-of-glass temperature for a higher-performing IG unit.

Whole home comfort with Mikron® House Systems. Designed to meet a wide range of unique regional performance and aesthetic needs, Mikron® House Systems can help professionals everywhere deliver on customer demand with long-term reliability and performance.

Mikron® House Systems have helped window and door OEMs create unique products that stand out in the marketplaces where they operate for more than 50 years. With benefits ranging from speed to market and structural strength, to energy efficiency and aesthetics, House Systems meet energy standards that exceed tomorrow’s requirements today.

Comprehensive performance with Edgetherm® sealants. Quanex Building Products offers IG fabricators sealant solutions for every need with the Edgetherm® family of high-performance products.
With the Edgetherm® 3000 hot-melt butyl sealant, Edgetherm® 3400 desiccant matrix for rigid spacers and Edgetherm® 3600 hot-melt butyl sealant, featuring exclusive i-Boost™ technology, IG manufacturers can count on Edgetherm for ease of use, high performance and long-term durability end users can trust.

Free up labor and floor space with screens outsourcing solutions. Struggling with inventory? Devoting too much floor space to low-value screens production? Looking to boost overall plant efficiency? Discover what’s possible with full-service screens solutions throughout North America from Quanex.

Quanex’s nationwide screens production facilities are solely dedicated to manufacturing custom screens for our customers, with the highest detail paid to quality and efficiency. Customers can eliminate raw material and finished goods inventory, eliminate costs and equipment required for fabricating screens, and enhance your balance sheet by redirecting capital from screen-making equipment and materials toward higher-margin, primary manufacturing activities.


We’re looking forward to connecting with you this year—learn more about Quanex’s 2020 GlassBuild experience at

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