July 01, 2016

What Can High-Speed Automation Do for You?

by Guest Blogger

Insulating glass (IG) production is a careful and exacting process—an unsurprising statement to anyone in our industry. But it’s worth restating nonetheless, because today’s fenestration professionals have more options than ever to optimize IG production, to ensure high-quality, high-performance products.

Automation technology is one of the most prominent trends affecting IG production today. Automation equipment is becoming more affordable, and it can help IG manufacturers realize significant operational benefits. Our industry has seen and felt what these technologies bring to bear. What was once futuristic is now imminently possible for IG manufacturers of all stripes.

With that in mind, here are four reasons to consider automation if you haven’t already:

Equipment Upgrades Are Essential. IG manufacturing has no room for error, and much of that necessary precision depends on the equipment your business is using. One of the greatest risks IG manufacturers face is associated with aging, outdated equipment—and if you’re going to upgrade equipment regardless, it’s worth considering the technologically advanced options available.

Major Labor Savings. Automation technology, whether semi-automated or full high-speed automated lines, is another way that IG manufacturers can maximize their workforce. Performing some of the more menial tasks associated with manual IG manufacturing frees up your employees to focus on tasks that require more skill and concentration. Automation can help unlock up to 60 percent labor savings depending on the size or complexity of a line.

Stacking up the Benefits. Some of the benefits that can be realized by automation on an IG line aren’t immediately apparent but are nonetheless impactful. We mentioned labor savings—if your automated system is now moving large units rather than your human workers, that means greater safety and less risk of injury. Accuracy and reduced seal failures can lead to fewer warranty claims—a major factor on your bottom line.

It’s the way of the future. Automated processes and new sophisticated software platforms are enabling new manufacturing techniques, and these developments are far from limited to our industry. Big data and the business-changing benefits it can afford go hand-in-hand with the trend we’re witnessing toward automation. We can pinpoint inefficiencies and build more complex products. And it’s our responsibility to harness these new technologies and make them work for our business—or risk being left behind.

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