October 28, 2016

The Power of Visual Storytelling

by Guest Blogger

In early September, Quanex was lucky enough to attend Content Marketing World 2016 in Cleveland, one of the premier marketing shows held each year. What started as a small conference on a fairly niche subject several years ago has become an unmissable event for marketing professionals from all over.

That’s because the line that distinguishes “marketing” and “content marketing” grows blurrier each day; more than ever before, organizations of all kinds are reaching their audiences with useful, genuine content over traditional marketing tactics. “Content marketing” is no longer a specialization as much as a skillset all marketers need to have.

Over the next few weeks I’ll go over some of the Quanex’s team’s biggest takeaways from what we learned at this year’s Content Marketing World. First up: Visual Storytelling.

Catching Their Eye. It’s been found that the human brain processes visual information as much as 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to interpret text. And in a digital environment when potential customers are swarmed by content from all angles, it pays to stand out. In the marketing space, 55 percent of content creators are prioritizing visual content, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Your brand’s messaging can be brought to life visually through a number of channels: photography, illustration, infographics, and much more. As you’re planning your marketing budget for 2017, it’s worth thinking about how you can incorporate more visual tactics into your plan if you’re not doing so already.

Video Content is King. You didn’t need to get very far on the Content Marketing World show floor to glean one major insight: Video content is major priority for content marketers right now.
Video is one of the most popular ways customers view content, and video production is increasingly attainable for marketers at every level. New tools continue popping up that enable small teams of marketers to create their own video content just as easily as bigger players with more robust resources. One of our favorites was GoAnimate, a simple tool that enables users to easily create dynamic animated videos.

Don’t forget: you need the story to match the visuals. Some important tips to remember:

  • Know your story—take the time to develop your story and your approach, and stick to it when deploying your messages and content.
  • Your story is about your customers—i.e., it’s not your autobiography. Make sure your story is relevant to your customers’ business needs to incite behavioral change.
  • Less is more—your customers’ time is limited, so use minimum content to create maximum change.

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