January 18, 2017

The Importance of Keeping Your Content Fresh

by Erin Johnson

The power of digital media gives marketers greater control of messaging than ever before. We can hone brand personality, frequently communicate important messages to our audiences, and drive real business results when everything comes together the right way.

One of the greatest enemies of effective content marketing, whatever form it takes, is stagnancy. Here are three reasons why:

It will sabotage your SEO.

Firstly, and critically, in a world where relevance in search results can make the difference in a customer’s purchase decision, infrequently updating your website can drop your SEO rankings. This doesn’t mean your website needs to be completely revamped all the time, but keeping it populated with fresh content should be a priority within your marketing plan.

According to the SEO firm Moz, search engines have been tweaking their algorithms for evaluating “freshness” for more than a decade. There’s a lot to it—Google will evaluate freshness for a breaking news query differently than a historical search term, for instance—but the takeaway is that freshness counts, and a stagnant website with infrequent updates may suffer as a result.

Customers will have negative perceptions.
Outside of the technical world of SEO, there’s something else at play that isn’t easily quantified by analytic figures: customer perception. When a customer visits your website and the most recent news is a press release six months old, for instance, what kind of message does that send?

Of course, keeping a website populated with fresh content doesn’t happen by itself. Maintaining a regularly updated blog is a great and effective way to keep a steady stream of content flowing to your audiences, and you can leverage an SME program to make this happen, with the added bonus that your content is coming from the voices of your experts.
It can keep engagement from deepening.

If you think back to why we do content marketing in the first place—to communicate with customers and teach them something useful—the value of “freshness” becomes that much clearer. Content marketing isn’t solving all your customers’ problems at once. It’s a continued, ongoing conversation, one that ideally builds trust among your audiences in your brand’s expertise. And to keep it going, you need to keep offering valuable information on a regular basis.

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