November 10, 2016

Telling the Right Story

by Guest Blogger

When we talk about content marketing, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in many of the tactics and strategy that go along with deploying your message effectively. Which channels will we post our content on? Will we write a blog post? Develop an infographic or video?

As marketers, sometimes we need to step back and ask ourselves: Are we telling the right story? And are we doing it effectively?

This was another point driven home during our trip to Content Marketing World 2016, where we learned that visual content is king, but we can’t forget about telling a compelling story that our customers find relevant. Effective content marketing, whatever form it takes, helps move customers through their buying journey.

It’s about the reader. Not you, the content marketer. Personalized, relevant and purposeful content is the most effective, meeting a specific want or need. When coming up with ideas for your content, remember this as your golden rule. While there are lots of content topics that might sound great to us—content specific to our own products or services, and what makes that product so spectacular—your customer is more likely thinking about the problem he needs solved.

Successful content marketing catches this buyer’s attention before he or she may even be thinking about a purchase. And that content pushes him or her, gently, further toward the decision you’re looking for.

Content that works for the customer and for you. What’s best about this strategy—solving a problem for a specific audience—is that it’s scalable. One great, useful piece of content that influences customer behavior can go a long way. And if your organization has limited resources for its content marketing efforts, do it one step at a time. Whether you’re creating one piece at a time, or more robust content generation, you’re still moving in the right direction if you keep customer centricity as your guiding principle.

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