December 17, 2020

Staying Focused in an Unprecedented Year: Our Top Blogs of 2020

by Guest Blogger


2020 challenged all of us in ways that we likely never imagined. But through it all, the fenestration industry showed tremendous resilience, working together to stay safe while delivering necessary, quality glass and windows around the world.

Our most-read blogs of the year reflected the hurdles of 2020 and the strides our readers were making to clear them. Whether it was staying safe on the plant floor, working through a worsening labor shortage, or continuously delivering higher-performing products, our teams shared their expertise on a variety of pressing subjects. We hope you found these posts helpful, and we thank you for your continued support.

Here are the top In Focus blogs of 2020:
#1. “Leading with Safety
The pandemic redefined the idea of “safety first” for manufacturers around the world. In our top post of the year, Larry Johnson explored how and why organizations needed to re-center all their actions around employee health and safety.  
#2. “The Skinny on Skinny Triples
Ongoing, heightened demands for higher efficiency have driven continuous innovation in our industry for years. We’re seeing something new once again: “skinny” or “thin” glass triples, which use an ultrathin center lite that is typically between 0.7 mm and 1.3 mm thick. Filled with krypton, these units can deliver outstanding thermal performance. Mark Molinaro breaks down what you need to know.
#3. “Why Screens are Such a Challenging Customer Complaint
Screens remain one of the most frequent customer complaints for window and door manufacturers. In this popular post, Brian Ludwig explores why that's the case, and the solutions that can be found with a reliable screens supplier.
#4. “Qualities to Look for in Your Vinyl Supplier
Demand came back strong in the residential housing market in late 2020 and looks to remain that way into 2021. As homeowners increasingly seek energy-efficient windows and doors for their homes, Eric Thompson shared his thoughts on the qualities to look for in  your vinyl supplier.
#5. “Tips for Avoiding Employee Burnout
The labor shortage—paired with the additional industry demands—can easily lead employees to burn out. In this post, Larry Johnson shared how to recognize it and avoid it in your organization, leading to better retention and recruiting efforts.
This year was a wild ride, but the fenestration industry adapted to the change and persevered. Keep reading In Focus in 2021 for more insights and information as we navigate what’s next.

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