June 13, 2019

Smart Tech, Labor and Customer Experience Were Trending at UK’s Top Trade Show

by Guest Blogger

The FIT Show is the United Kingdom’s only exhibition for the window, door, conservatory and glazing industry that includes trade and commercial glass and glazing companies. While Edgetech U.K. had some exciting news to share, including the launch of Edgetherm RS™ and celebration of the 30 year anniversary of Super Spacer®, there were three definite trends that emerged during this year’s show:

Smart technology is entering fenestration. One of the biggest trends I saw was the inception of smart technology in our industry. We’ve seen businesses like Apple®, Google and Amazon impact our daily lives, but now we’re starting to see it enter into glazing. Smart technology is becoming more cost-effective for manufacturers to implement and sell, and it’s especially useful in the residential market. I saw products and features, such as doors that can be locked by just using your cellphone, among other innovations. Smart technology has the capability to transform the market, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Skilled labor shortages are a global challenge. The United States isn’t alone in its labor shortage challenge. The United Kingdom is also seeing a shortage of skilled workers. In this case, it’s due to an aging workforce and fewer from younger generations entering the industry. Because of this, automation was a popular topic at the booth. Commercial Sales Specialist Joe Erb was also at the show, highlighting some of the benefits of automation in his daily presentation. Joe explained that automated equipment not only helps address skilled labor shortages, but also ensures far more precise, efficient and consistent fabrication and improves safety and ergonomics on the plant floor. I’m looking forward to seeing where automation can be applied and lift a weight off our customers’ shoulders.

Customer needs are always top priority. At the 2019 FIT Show, we launched an online ordering system for our U.K. customers, making it easier for our customers to purchase IG products. We were able to offer visitors to our stand a hands-on experience of the website; they found it very easy to use, and our customers are enthusiastic about using it in their businesses. We also launched our Edgetech DOC inspection system. This initiative is to help customers ensure they are manufacturing top-quality IGUs with our product to give them peace of mind.

The conversations, networking opportunities and the emergence of new trends are always the best parts of any show. We’re excited about where our industry is headed globally and the chance to be part of it all.

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