January 30, 2018

Resolutions for a Successful Year on the Plant Floor

by Guest Blogger

Can you believe that we’re already nearly a month through 2018? Each new year brings with it new opportunities and new challenges, and I hope you’re off to a great start so far.

Early signs point to this year being a strong one for our industry. This U.S. economy enters the year with “substantial momentum,” according to the Brookings Institution. The organization also notes that builders continue to ramp up the pace of construction 10 years after the housing bubble burst. Elsewhere, the latest issue of USGlass magazine reports a healthy commercial and multifamily construction market, meaning fenestration professionals can most likely plan to stay busy moving forward into the year.

How to ensure success? I got to thinking about some New Year’s resolutions that fenestration professionals can make on their plant floors to prepare for a potential influx in orders while driving new efficiencies.

Make maintenance a priority.
My colleague Joe Erb wrote last month about how the slower period  around the holidays makes for a great time to catch up on some critical maintenance tasks. One of the tasks mentioned was to re-evaluate your maintenance schedule, your best practices, and to adjust where needed.

Your resolution? Stick to the maintenance plans. Make maintenance a priority on your plant floor, now and always. Communicate it to your employees. Downtime is the enemy of efficiency, and neglecting maintenance is a direct contributor to it.
Safety first.
Prioritizing safety as a New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean that you faltered in 2017. Every year should start with a renewed focus on the most important thing that can happen on your plant floor every day—everyone goes home safe.

Have you set new safety goals for this year? Are there any new safety initiatives you want to roll out? These things should be at the top of your priorities list as you get rolling in 2018. And like with maintenance, a reduction in any kind of accident helps increase uptime on your plant floor.
Eliminate paper.
The days when all orders and operations on your plant floor are tracked via paper documentation are over. Or at least, they should be. With the available technology, everything is trackable via software. If you’ve made the investment in automation, and you have implemented any sorts of software solutions to improve efficiency, there’s no reason to be scrambling for paper order sheets at any step of your process.

Questions or comments? What New Year’s resolutions have you made for 2018? I’d love to hear them at Eric.thompson@quanex.com.

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