July 10, 2018

Notes from AIA 2018

by Guest Blogger

The Quanex team had the opportunity to head to the 2018 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference earlier in June, and it’s always a good event to interface with a cross-section of industry influencers. Architects, developers, large glazing contractors and more were all present to learn, discuss and find new ways to meet today’s architectural challenges.

Here are some of our major takeaways from the show:

Vinyl gains ground in commercial. Our teams have been tracking the acceptance of vinyl for major commercial applications for a while now, and we’re continuing to see and make progress. Demand for energy performance is only increasing, and vinyl offers a durable and cost-effective way to hit the numbers architects are looking for.

Here’s an example: Our team spoke with a major developer in the Miami market seeking a vinyl solution for two 80-story buildings currently in development. Building codes in South Florida are, of course, some of the most stringent in the country due to the requirements for hurricane Impact ratings and related performance in the country. Quanex vinyl systems not only meet these requirements but also offer the best corrosion resistance vs metal framing material..
Why was the developer seeking a non-metal solution, we asked? The answer was simple: energy performance, enhanced occupancy comfort and durability. It’s indicative that energy performance is continuing to move the needle, even when it’s not explicitly mandated by codes or regulations. People want it, and vinyl can deliver.

Proven performance and longevity for warm-edge. Elsewhere, New York City proved a nice backdrop for the show, as home to some very impressive architecture. From the Quanex team’s perspective, our teams saw some of the taller jobs we’ve been involved with in NYC.  A short walk around Manhattan and you can see everything from large storefronts to 60+ story towers taking advantage of the benefits of Quanex spacer technology.

The opportunities for warm-edge spacer systems continue to grow in some of the biggest and most forward-thinking designs—not just in New York, but around the world. It’s a testament to the proven performance that systems like our Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ have delivered to the marketplace in a growing variety of applications.

It’s about the project—not the product. One critical point that always comes up when our teams interface with the architects and design community is this: It’s not just the product itself that makes the difference, it’s that product’s contribution to the project as a whole.
Major commercial design is about creating harmony among a wide variety of building products and materials, driving toward certain criteria or performance goals. It takes working with suppliers and vendors that understand those goals and work to offer the best solutions. And it’s about strong relationships and the ability to offer ideas that might have gone previously undiscovered.
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