November 14, 2019

Network, Evolve and Grow Your Business at WinDoor 2019

by Erin Johnson

I was browsing the WinDoor 2019 site and was struck by this year’s theme: Network, Evolve and Grow Your Business. At Quanex, evolution is a topic we’ve talked a lot about over the last couple of years. Evolving your plant. Evolving your technology. And evolving the way you think about your business going forward.
Having been in this industry for more than 25 years, I have seen my share of changes – but change seems to be happening at a speed we have never seen before. In my mind, there are three drivers for the rapid evolution we’re experiencing:
Labor and Efficiency. The labor challenges we’ve experienced over the last several years are not going away. Automation has been and will continue to be one of the greatest solutions to the problem. Where it once took 12 people to run a line, you can now do it with three. First generation equipment is aging, and many companies are seeking new solutions that will help them continue to evolve their businesses.
Moreover, software integration and other forms of technology are presenting new opportunities for us to not only automate production, but automate all our processes end to end, creating more efficient (and often more profitable) working environments.
Codes and Standards. As equipment is evolving, so must product as today’s building codes and standards are becoming stricter.
California’s Title 24 updates require all new buildings to achieve net-zero energy by 2020 for residences and 2030 for commercial buildings. New York City’s carbon emissions mandate includes an 80% carbon reduction plan by 2050 and consequences for noncompliance. Washington, D.C.’s, renewable energy targets are the most aggressive in the U.S. In Canada, ENERGY STAR® climate zones are evolving from three separate zones to just one – meaning that, depending where you are located, your criteria for using the ENERGY STAR label could become more stringent.
In short, future-proofing your business is more than adding equipment. It’s looking at where the trends are heading and adapting your products to exceed current standards.
A General Quest for Progress. States and cities are driving change (as you can see from the codes and standards above). Energy performance and sustainability are top of mind from governments to the private sector. Additionally, there’s general interest in emerging technologies. From homes to buildings to cars, everything is getting smarter – and businesses need to adapt, whether it’s in their own processes or by driving innovation through products.
The bottom line here is that to evolve, your business has to be minded to evolve. To look past obstacles and dare to reimagine what the business of the future looks like for you.
So, what does this all have to do with WinDoor?
Quanex will be there and will have the products and experts on hand to help you navigate our transforming industry. We have solutions to help you operate more efficiently, meet building codes and evolve and grow your business – all backed by proven experience and proven performance.
Some of what you can expect at this year’s WinDoor:

  • A celebration for Super Spacer’s 30-year anniversary.
  • Complete and unmatched customer support that includes marketing, technical services, sales, customer service, quality and R&D.
  • Discussions about automation and Plant Transformation.
  • A full lineup of leading products including: Duralite® warm-edge technology, Edgetherm® 3600 hot-melt butyl sealant, Quanex Screens, Mikron® AW-Rated System C3-11300™, Sparklike Gasglass and the Uni-Temp RollTrusion® Glazing Bead.
I look forward to seeing you there! If you’re not attending, check our WinDoor landing page for updates or contact your sales rep to schedule a meeting.

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