February 10, 2016

Maximize Your Efforts with Marketing Automation

by Erin Johnson

Carrie Scheetz, tradeshow and event specialist, is taking over the marketing blog this week! Carrie is responsible for managing Quanex’s marketing automation system and aligning with the sales team on lead management.
Marketing automation is a hot industry buzzword right now. And with it come a lot of complexities and questions. What is it? Do I need to implement it in my company? How do I get started? Better yet, how do I do it right?
When used correctly, marketing automation is a powerful tool that can help keep you in touch with your key audiences and nurture prospective customers through the sales cycle. It may sound like just another pushy sales tool, but when used correctly, there are huge benefits for both the customer and your company.
Your customers/prospects receive:

  • Education. The information and tools you’re sharing with them should be useful and valuable, positioning your company as one they go to for industry insights.
  • A personalized experience. Messaging should speak directly to their individual needs and pain points, further nurturing your relationship.
  • Access to an expert. When interested, your customers should be able to easily get in contact with a sales team member or someone who can answer any questions they may have.
  • An overall more satisfying relationship with your company. Marketing automation is supposed to grow – not hinder – your relationships. Make sure you’re not flooding their inbox with sales pieces or you’ll lose their attention.
Your company benefits from:
  • Regular exposure to top customers and prospects. You’ll be top of mind next time they want to make a purchase.
  • The ability to learn more about your customers. Each time you offer access to a new tool or piece of information, ask a few questions via a simple field form to learn more about them. This will only help arm you with more information for how to better serve their needs.
  • Potential increase in sales. Marketing automation at its purest form is meant to lead people through the sales cycle. When done effectively, it can strengthen your relationship.
  • Measurable results. As marketers, we often struggle to put concrete numbers behind our efforts. Automation tools allow you to track progress and successes, validating marketing budget dollars.
Overall, your email programs should be beneficial to both parties. Think about the companies you enjoy receiving regular communication from and ask yourself why. Then, take the leap and begin developing your first campaign – and watch your relationships grow.
Questions or comments? Email me directly at Carrie.Scheetz@quanex.com

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