August 24, 2017

Making the Most of Tradeshow Season

by Carrie Scheetz

With the hustle and bustle of a tradeshow floor, it’s often hard to make time for some of the most important aspects of the show itself. If you’re an exhibitor, it’s easy to get caught up in making sure your booth is optimized for the best customer experience—and make no mistake, that’s a critical part of your investment in the show. And then of course there’s the networking, catching up with old friends and colleagues, and making new contacts.

But you came all this way, and tradeshows have plenty to offer in terms of educational opportunities and industry updates. You don’t want to forget about soaking up all that you can while you’re there.

I often find myself busy taking care of things needed in the booth and meeting with customers that I forget about what’s going on around me at the show. To avoid falling into that rut, here’s a few tips I try to follow when headed to a show to maximize my time:

Set a schedule.
While you may not always be able to adhere to your calendar, setting time aside to attend education sessions and forums is where some of the most valuable industry insights can be found. I try to spend a few minutes on the tradeshow site before the show to write down the sessions I want to attend.
Allow time for walking the floor.
Another benefit of setting a schedule is you know who is covering the booth at all times. This will allow you to take time out of your schedule to walk the floor and see what other industry players are offering and talking about in the industry, while making sure you still have coverage in your booth for customers.
Take notes.
Use your phone to document thoughts you have while at the tradeshow, or at the end of each day. Maybe it’s a cool piece of literature you saw, or a conversation with a customer. Take pictures of things you want to remember for consideration later. It’s easy to think you’ll remember everything when you get back to the office, but having a few notes to help jog your memory will help make sure you don’t forget anything.

Have any other tips for making the most of your time? I’d love to hear your tips at

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For more information about Quanex visit
Posted: August 24, 2017 by Carrie Scheetz Filed under: industry, planning, tradeshows