October 06, 2017

Making the Investment in Tomorrow’s Workforce

by Natalia Bubis

In our industry, conversations tend to turn toward labor challenges pretty quickly these days. High turnover and lower interest in manufacturing work have had a significant impact on not just our industry, but manufacturing at large.
It’s a crisis, and it’s one we need to overcome. Manufacturers must do their part to inspire today’s young people to pursue careers in manufacturing. Consider that shop and plant floor work isn’t what it used to be in many instances. Advanced manufacturing techniques being used today require curiosity and creativity. And we’re all responsible for communicating that to tomorrow’s workforce.
Quanex believes that real-world connections and hands-on experience are the most effective ways to help inspire interest in advanced manufacturing, and we’ve been proactive in making that happen. Here are a few ways these efforts have come to life:

Local Outreach
Our manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Ohio, where we make a variety of our warm-edge spacer products, depends on local talent. Guernsey County, where Cambridge is located, offers a pro-business mindset, affordability and an educated workforce, and it’s why we’ve continued to expand our operations.
Quality schools take on an even more prominent role in Guernsey County that has a comparatively small population and corresponding workforce. The smaller the workforce, the greater the importance of having a high ratio of well-schooled, quality graduates ready to move into that workforce.
Quanex works closely with the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), an organization working to keep our youth in the county after they finish their secondary and post-secondary schooling. We’ve worked with the manufacturing council to host manufacturing camps and tours for middle school and high school students. The goal is to acquaint students with manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance in the hopes of encouraging them to take on full-time employment at Quanex after graduation.
Manufacturing Day
And on October 6, we’re participating in Manufacturing Day 2017, a nationwide effort where thousands of manufacturers will be inviting local students to see what modern manufacturing is all about. We’ll be hosting student groups from Guernsey and Noble counties, with the hope that we’ll be able to inspire an interest in our field.
Additionally, Quanex’s Woodcraft Industries will be participating in the 2017 Central Minnesota Tour of Manufacturing event on October 7. The doors will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for tours, questions, employment opportunities or more.
This kind of outreach is critically important as fenestration continues to advance. The technology we use to make quality products is evolving, and so must the people in our facilities that make it happen.
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