June 19, 2017

Make the Most of Your Seasonal Staff

by Natalia Bubis

Busy season is heating up in the glass industry. More orders mean more work…and in some instances more workers.

It’s a time of the year where many manufacturers turn to seasonal employees in order to keep up with higher demand. But it requires doing a few things right to ensure you’re making the most of a temporary workforce to get over the busy season hump.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of it:

Building Loyalty.
Just because seasonal employees might not be working with you for the long haul, they can and should be valuable members of your team—otherwise, why bring them on board in the first place?

Engagement is important with your seasonal staff just as it is your year-round staff. You need both teams to gel so you can get the job done right—engaging everyone is critical. 

Additionally, manufacturers need people who have the right skills to do an increasingly specialized job. It’s easier to find the right seasonal help if you have a strong pool of engaged workers that you can rehire year after year.
Finding the Right People.
As I wrote a few weeks ago, making the wrong hire can cost you significantly, and that’s a rule that applies to seasonal staffers too. Do the legwork of finding the right people, ensuring they have the skills and the attitude you need. Not only will it help you this year, but as mentioned, you can rehire them next year safe in knowledge they’re the right fit.
Do Your Homework.
It’s important to remember that though your seasonal staff might only be with you for a few months out of the year, laws and regulations that apply to your full-time staff are still in effect.  

A few things in particular: know the difference between independent contractors and seasonal employees; stay on top of required benefits for your seasonal staff; and know the details about your tax reporting responsibilities.

Good luck this busy season!

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