July 19, 2016

Look for More Than Great Product in a Sealants Provider

by Guest Blogger

Today’s windows and doors have come a long way from the simple wood-and-glass construction of decades past. Engineered with high-quality materials and components, the average new window available for purchase today is a marvel of technology—providing natural light, views and other aesthetic benefits while maintaining excellent thermal performance.

Window manufacturers know these units don’t come without careful composition and selection of the right components. It’s important to streamline where possible and offer customers the total package—excellent windows and the right products to ensure proper installation for long-lasting, superior performance.

That’s where sealants come in. Among window installers, differing preferences for different material sealants abound—some like the feel and behavior of acrylic latex, others that of room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone. And among the different options, some are better suited for certain applications than others.

With all this in mind, the choice of a sealant vendor is an important one. Here are some qualities to seek out from yours:

A Variety of Options. Many OEMs help keep installers satisfied by bundling window and door packages with a sealant—and by choosing a sealant vendor with options, you can meet their specific preferences for sealant material. Also look for a vendor that offers a variety of color options to match the end user’s desired aesthetics.

Environmental Stewardship. Green initiatives are important across every aspect of the fenestration industry, from the thermal performance of our windows to the materials we use to construct them. Another way you can support this is by choosing sealants that are VOC compliant, and help meet LEED and NAHB standards. 

Offers a Range of Window Components. Choosing a vendor that can comprehensively meet your needs—from sealants to many other parts of the window—is one way that window and door OEMs can ensure quality, accountability and most importantly, can simplify their own operations. One vendor for a variety of important window products can help streamline inventory, paperwork and shipping, benefiting your bottom line.

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