September 13, 2019

Last-Minute Tips for GlassBuild 2019

by Carrie Scheetz

Can you believe that GlassBuild America starts next Tuesday? If you’re anything like me, you’re spending this week making some last-minute preparations and ensuring that your presence at the show has maximum impact. Especially if you’re an exhibitor, where the ultimate goal is to grow customer relationships and capture new leads, it’s important this week to make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed.

With that in mind, here are a few quick things to consider in order to make the most out of your presence at this year’s show:

Remember that time is precious. If you’re attending GlassBuild, chances are your schedule is jam- packed—and so are your customers’ schedules. As you’re meeting with new contacts and potential leads, being efficient and respectful of everyone’s time is important in order to ensure everyone’s getting the most from their time at the show.

Update your social channels. There’s a chance that prospects interested in connecting with you are doing a bit of pre-show research this week, right up to the last minute. If your organization is active on social media, ensure that your channels reflect your presence at the show. Make note of your booth number and other practical information to make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with you.  

Follow up with contacts you’ve already made. We’ve written about pre-show coordination with people you’d like to see and meet with in person at the show. By now, it might have been weeks or even months since you made that initial contact. Now’s the time to send them a quick follow-up email or other form of communication. A short, simple note will do—but that little reminder can help keep your meeting top of mind.

Keep an eye on the competition. Don’t forget that the tradeshow floor can enable you to get a good look at how your competitors are positioning themselves and their products. Picking up on some competitive strategies can better arm you to differentiate yourself as you speak with potential new leads at the show. 

Get the team excited. GlassBuild preparation can get tiring—but now, it’s showtime, and all your efforts are about to pay off. Think about a few ways you can rally your teams attending the show. Maybe it’s one last email to those attending on behalf of your organization, some last-minute motivation, tips and tricks about what to bring. All will be appreciated and serve as a momentum-builders heading into the show. Your team should be hungry and excited to interact with existing and potential new customers and to make the most of their time at GlassBuild

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