March 30, 2016

Internal Communications: Working Smart from the Inside Out

by Erin Johnson

As business-minded people at our core, we often get caught up in our company’s bottom line. Driving those numbers up, keeping company costs down and marketing our products and solutions dominate our daily to-dos. Because of this, one of our most valuable assets often gets overlooked in the process: our employees.
Internal communications often falls to the wayside, yet it’s one of the most powerful tools to ensuring the success of our business. Getting employee buy-in and keeping internal teams happy makes for an effective company both inside and out. That’s why this blog is part one of an internal communications series we’ll be posting. Read on for our top tips for an effective internal communications program.
Be transparent. This should be the No. 1 rule of any internal communications initiative. Without the trust of employees, your strategy is null and void. Share important information and company news as quickly as possible with a point of view and any necessary action items to build a strong foundation and employee buy-in.
Tailor your message. If your company is on the medium to large side, chances are you have different groups with unique needs and interests. Sending a blanket communication isn’t always the best option. Depending on the news you’re sharing, tailor the message to speak directly to each audience. Also consider the channel (email, direct mailers, in-person conversations) that works best for each to increase the chance of it being read and engaged with.
Avoid over communicating. No one wants to be bombarded with messages from his or her employer. Keep communication to a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so you’re not flooding inboxes and eventually being ignored. If needed, consolidate news into one monthly newsletter.
Recognize accomplishments. Make employee communication something everyone looks forward to receiving. Use it as a forum to acknowledge positive business activity—goals that were met, awards that were won, an employee who went above and beyond. Sharing positive news and celebrating the small wins boosts employee morale and builds a strong team.
Ask for feedback. Provide a forum for employees to share their ideas and give feedback on how they like to receive information. And most importantly, listen to it. Employees who are heard are happy employees.
And don’t forget to have fun! Internal communications is something you can experiment with to find what best resonates with your teams. Stay tuned for even more internal tips for success.
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