November 21, 2016

Imagine a World without ENERGY STAR

by Ric Jackson

If you asked me two weeks ago if Trump had a chance of pulling off a victory, I would have said no way. That shows how cloudy my crystal ball has been.

Before election day I didn’t fathom the questions we’re all asking ourselves now. What does the future hold for the EPA? What will happen with federal tax credits for energy-efficient products? What funding will there be to support progress in green building and renovation? The list could go on and on with so much uncertainty and so many questions about how the Trump presidency will impact our industry – positively or negatively.

It’s all a lot to take in and I don’t think we’ll have any clear answers for some time now. But, the one question I’d like to explore today is: What would happen to the window and door market without ENERGY STAR®?

ENERGY STAR has been part of our industry for decades, representing the most recognizable symbol of energy efficiency among consumers. It gives us all a standard by which to measure progress and innovation in our own businesses. It gives consumers a guarantee that they are buying quality. And it can often give us an edge when it comes to marketing our products.

To some businesses, the thought of ENERGY STAR going away might not seem like such a bad thing. But to many, it could represent the loss of an important competitive advantage.

Regardless of where you stand on this question, the fact is we could all be facing some changes, and change is never easy. The best we can do is to stay involved, stay in touch with our members of Congress and stand up for what you think is right. As an industry, we must remain committed to progress and driving our industry forward.

That’s just my take. What’s yours? Email me directly at

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