September 20, 2019

GlassBuild America 2019: Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead on Day 3

by Erin Johnson

Another GlassBuild is behind us! It always feels like a bit of a whirlwind, with so much to learn, see and do in all corners of the show floor. But as attendees depart Atlanta and as exhibitors begin packing up our booths, it’s back to business.

Here are some final thoughts following our last day on the show floor:

Emerging technology makes a splash. On each of the show’s three days, our teams heard some major buzz around ways to improve thermal performance among changing demands. It’s possible—but it won’t be easy, and glass and glazing professionals looking to stay on the cutting edge were here to learn and apply the latest technology.

One of those ways was skinny triples technology, offering the performance of traditional triple-paned IGUs without the additional weight and architectural concerns. The skinny triples sample shown at the Quanex booth received almost continuous attention, as booth visitors learned from our experts about why Super Spacer® technology was the perfect way to offer the structural strength required to house the unit’s thin center lite. And as we celebrated Super Spacer’s 30th anniversary at the booth, it was a great way to highlight the continued applicability of our warm-edge technology for new frontiers in glass and glazing.

Looking to the future. I think if there’s one thing all attendees at GlassBuild share after another successful show, it’s a renewed sense of energy and positivity for our industry. Connections are forged. Relationships are strengthened. Investments are made. And together, we’re all looking toward a brighter future.

If you missed the news at the Quanex booth, one thing we’re excited about is the major improvements we’re making at our Washington Mikron® plant. With the addition of ten new, state-of-the-art extrusion lines from the Austrian manufacturer Extrunet, we’ll be bringing online one of the most advanced extrusion facilities in North America in 2020. It’s part of how we’re investing in the ongoing success of Mikron® systems and the customers who depend on them.
Once again, it was a great GlassBuild. If you missed out on anything, be sure to check out all of our show coverage over at the show page.

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