September 17, 2018

GlassBuild America 2018: Day 3 Recap

by Erin Johnson

Another GlassBuild is in the books as Day 3 in Las Vegas comes to a close. As our teams wrap up this year’s show, here is a handful of closing thoughts on how our industry can continue to move forward into the future stronger than ever.

What’s ahead? Quanex’s Director of Strategic Marketing and Analysis Anthony Wright shared some of his perspectives on market trends that he sees impacting our industry in the near future in our Day 3 GlassBuild videobe sure to watch it here.

The main takeaways? While a strong economy and consumer confidence remain high, there could be a few headwinds in our future. As we go into 2019, some experts have noted the potential for a slight recession—but it shouldn’t be cause for panic for the building and construction industry. Anthony notes that exponentially increasing sophistication in the world of fenestration manufacturing will be able to help us successfully manage any fluctuating economic conditions.

Additionally, and as we noted yesterday, increased stringency in thermal performance isn’t going away—the source is just changing. While not a priority at the federal level, individual municipalities are taking building codes and standards to new heights. One notable example is the recent declaration by the C40 cities to become carbon neutral by 2030. That will have major implications for building and construction in some of the world’s biggest metropolitan areas—and glass and glazing must be up to the challenge.

The new normal. Manufacturing sophistication, including the ongoing proliferation of automated equipment technologies, was one of the biggest headlines of this year’s GlassBuild. And it’s not without good reason—labor challenges are as sharp as ever, and manufacturers are looking at ways to overcome them.

Today’s equipment, paired with some innovative new software technologies that are available, can help window and glass manufacturers operate more efficiently, productively and with less physical labor than ever before. Embracing these technologies is the way forward, and many have done so right here on the show floor at GlassBuild 2018.

In all, it was another great show. And at Quanex, we can’t wait to continue helping our customers put their future in focus.

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