September 18, 2017

GlassBuild 2017: Day 3 Recap

by Erin Johnson

Another year, another GlassBuild in the books. As we wrap up this year’s show, here are some final perspectives on how we’ll keep moving forward together as an industry:

Employee challenges are sharper than ever. It seems like no matter whom you spoke to at this year’s show, and no matter the subject of conversation, one challenge kept bubbling to the surface: the difficulties we’re continuing to have finding good labor for the plant floor.

The answers aren’t coming simply or easily. And though new capital investments in automation are helping to overcome some of these challenges, good people are still the heart and soul of an operation. Good people are required to drive efficiency, to solve problems that automation can’t.

As we move forward, we can’t forget about making a similar investment in our people, to engage them and to make them feel connected to our success. It’s true from machine operator to plant floor manager and everyone in between. I’ve connected with many members of Quanex’s Technical Services team over the past few days who provide on-site service to our customers all around the country, and the reports are similar. There’s an energy in plants where workers are united by camraderie, and continued success is directly tied to it.

It’s time to act. I noted yesterday that I felt a sense of urgency among those who came out to the show. The weather brought by Hurricane Irma delayed the arrival of many, but those who were here know that it’s time to move forward, and they’re looking for ways to do so. That feeling carried throughout the final day of the show.

Continued success for all of us in the fenestration industry depends not just on the profits of individual players. It’s about our willingness and ability to work together to drive the entire industry forward. After this year’s show, I’m confident we’re going to make that happen.

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