June 27, 2019

Giving Back to Local Communities

by Natalia Bubis

With 38 locations across the globe, it’s no doubt Quanex has a large footprint, which is why we recognize our facilities’ addresses are more than just spots on a map. Each city and town are home to our employees, neighbors and us. We have a great responsibility to care for and invest in the communities where we reside, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Whether it’s volunteering at a local food bank or sponsoring a philanthropic event, at Quanex we are always looking for ways to give back to the local communities we serve. We’ve seen how an investment in the surrounding communities, such as the opportunity to volunteer for World Environment Day, can create positive partnerships with cities, ultimately making each location a better place to live and work. And when employees are given the opportunity to volunteer or give back in some way, we’ve seen firsthand how it can lead to a more positive culture at work, which ultimately leads to happier employees.

Recently, we had the opportunity to give back to a local high school near our Cambridge, Ohio facility. Quanex donated 55-gallon metal barrels, among other scrap metal materials, to the Improving Life Through Design class at Garaway High School in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The donated materials were then given to students, allowing them to use their imagination and create projects. Some of the items that were created with the scrap metal included a mailbox, a grill, a desk organizer and a bench that will be permanently installed at the high school for all to enjoy.

Not only was the donation a way to recycle otherwise wasted materials, it provided students the opportunity to develop and learn life skills that will stay with them well beyond the classroom.
No matter the size of the donation or the amount of time spent volunteering, it’s always important to us to keep philanthropy top of mind.

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For more information about Quanex, visit www.quanex.com.


For more information about Quanex visit www.quanex.com
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