November 25, 2015

Getting Started: the anatomy of a successful LinkedIn profile

by Erin Johnson

Last week I detailed why fenestration professionals should be using LinkedIn. This week, I’ll start covering how.
To recap, one of the benefits of LinkedIn is to build your professional brand. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your own professional website. It’s your opportunity to build your personal brand and to tell your story. It can also serve as a place to share your thoughts, expertise and blogs with like-minded professionals.
The best place to start? Make sure you are applying best practices to your own LinkedIn profile and that you are telling your brand story the way you want it to be told.
Here are a few suggestions on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Select a cover photo that is professional and conveys the tone you want to associate with your personal brand. You at a party or on the beach are probably not the best choices. But the image doesn’t have to be stuffy either. Find the right balance of personality and professionalism.
  1. By default, the headline is your current job title. While you should include your title, you do have an opportunity to customize the language around that to reflect your personal brand. Make sure your headline provides information about whom you help and how you help them using active language.
  1. Include your contact information and consider creating a customized URL using your name. This will help people find and remember you.
  1. Enhance your profile with a summary that tells your professional story. It doesn’t have to be long and can include your education, career trajectory, explanation of skills or accomplishments. Bulleted lists are fine as long as you convey the information you want people to know about you.
  1. Share your content, such as an interesting article you read or a blog you’ve written. Just make sure that it’s relevant to your professional network and is in line with the personal brand you want to convey.

Check InFocus regularly for more tips of the trade. Meanwhile, download Quanex’s Digital Guide 2.0 for a comprehensive look at digital strategies for fenestration professionals.

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