December 12, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Ron Pich

by Guest Blogger

In Focus is sitting down with Quanex employees who exhibit exemplary service to our customers. This month’s spotlight is on Ron Pich, Director of Engineering, Homeshield.

IF: How long have you been with Quanex and what are your responsibilities?

Ron: I have been with Quanex for 16 years in various engineering roles. Currently, I am responsible for engineering and manufacturing processes at our 11 screens facilities.

IF: What inspires you most at work?

Ron: I like that my job is different day to day, and I get to work with an incredible team. We all try to do better every day and have an opportunity to truly make an impact on our business and our customers’ businesses. We also get to work with a lot of cool equipment.

IF: Why do you like working at Quanex?
Ron: We work hard, and we have fun, too. I also like that Quanex values family and gives us the flexibility to balance our work and home lives. I am a father of three who are all at the age where we’re running around to a lot of different sporting events, and it’s nice to work with a company who supports that. It’s just an awesome place to work.
IF: What does service mean to you?
Ron: Service means ensuring our customers’ needs are met, and then going above and beyond what they ask for. We talk a lot internally about being a customer obsessed organization and we live it every day by offering new solutions that make their jobs easier in some way.
IF: What inspires you outside of work?
Ron: Family is everything. At work and at home they inspire me to always do the right thing and to always be thinking about how I can set a good example.
IF: Do you do any volunteer work in your community?
Ron: Aside from helping with my kids’ sports teams and being involved as much as possible, I also work for the local fire department. The training I have received there dealing with a lot of different circumstances helps me in my everyday life. It’s good to be of service.

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