November 21, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Ken Kostick

by Guest Blogger

In Focus is sitting down with Quanex employees who exhibit exemplary service to our customers. This month’s spotlight is on Ken Kostick, Homeshield® Technical Projects Manager, Western Region.

IF: How long have you been with Quanex and what are your responsibilities?

Ken: I joined Quanex 15 years ago. My responsibilities span from managing internal projects to new and/or existing customer projects. For example, my latest internal project was planning and completing the relocation of our Dallas operations.

IF: What inspires you most at work?

Ken: The customer! This can be either my internal or external customers. My goal is to always ensure the job is done correctly.

IF: Why do you like working at Quanex?
Ken: First and foremost, it’s the great people I work with. I also see Quanex as an industry leader with strong morals and ethics. That’s what makes my job easy and enjoyable—knowing we are all rowing in the right direction.
IF: What’s the most memorable customer challenge you’ve helped them solve?
Ken: One of the most recent (and most fun) involved a customer in Hawaii. In short, this person had been working through numerous sources to get new rollers for her patio screen door. She’d been through the contractor, local contractor supplier, and the window manufacturer, with no help from anyone. Luckily, she contacted Quanex. Through a couple of phone conversations and some texted photos, I was able to determine what she needed. Two days later she had new parts in hand and was ecstatic. It was cool to get to help someone out in that way—it made the entire experience worth it.  
IF: What does service mean to you?
Ken: Performing at the highest level possible with a focus on ensuring that the project is on time and the customer is satisfied with results
IF: What inspires you outside of work?
Ken: My wife and daughter! I am also a home brewer, but not on the typical small scale. I am a partner in a one-barrel, 33-gallon system. We love to share our product with friends and family and might one day expand.
IF: Do you do any volunteer work in your community?
I’m an elected official for a small, local municipality—Port of Chehalis. I’m currently finishing out my twelfth year as a commissioner with another six-year term starting Jan. 1, 2020. I also volunteered at our local Chamber of Commerce for eight years and at a local nonprofit involved with generating funds for local hospice care.

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