September 26, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Curtis Hulse

by Guest Blogger

In Focus is sitting down with Quanex employees who exhibit exemplary service to our customers. This month’s spotlight is on Curtis Hulse, technical project manager for Quanex Screens.

IF: Can you start by telling us a little about your time at Quanex?
Curtis: I’ve been with Quanex for just over a year, working on the technical side of our screens business for our customers. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, and my time here so far has been great. Ever since I joined, everyone I’ve worked with has been very helpful and supportive.
IF: What kind of challenges are you helping screens customers overcome?
Curtis: All kinds. Every day is a new experience. In my years in the industry, I always thought screens were easy. But in my role here at Quanex, and being involved with so many different customers and dealing with their unique needs and challenges, there’s a lot of complexity to screens. And it’s my job to help make it easy for our customers.
Here’s an example: One customer was recently experiencing an issue with the bottom bug seal on our hanging PD screens. We worked directly with the customer, our Parkersburg team, and the equipment supplier to immediately identify and correct the problem.
IF: What does service mean to you?
Curtis: It means always being ready and willing to jump in and solve a customer challenge. We’re responsible for finding the right solution for our customers, no matter what it is.
It’s also about remembering that this is fundamentally a people business. Whether I’m dealing with customers or my colleagues here at Quanex, interfacing with different people and working directly with them to understand and solve a problem keep me going. Building real connections and relationships is important.
IF: What inspires you?
Curtis: At work, it’s solving a customer challenge. There’s always something new and different to overcome and like I said already, every day is different. I’m inspired by the variety of new things and new experiences.
Outside of work, it’s my family. My wife amazes me every day, and my son and daughter are both attending college right now. I cannot wait to see what each one of them achieves over the next few years.
IF: What are you looking forward to in the coming year at Quanex?
Curtis: I’m looking forward to continuing to grow here at Quanex, and I think our screens business has so much potential to continue helping our customers. I’m always looking forward to solving the next challenge!
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