January 24, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Brian Ludwig

by Guest Blogger

In Focus is sitting down with Quanex employees who exhibit exemplary service to our customers. This month’s spotlight is on Brian Ludwig, territory sales manager, Northeast.

IF: How long have you been with Quanex and what are your responsibilities?

Brian: I have been with Quanex for two years, but have been in the fenestration industry for 17, mostly on the retail side. In my previous jobs, I got to work closely with homeowners. Now, at Quanex, I am on the B2B side and enjoy that just as much. No matter what, it’s all about helping people and finding solutions to meet their needs. For our manufacturer customers, that means finding ways to help them grow and operate more efficiently.

IF: What inspires you most at work?

Brian: It’s the people I get to work with. It’s our customer service team members who I consider the best in the industry. It’s our customers, large and small, who appreciate our products and how we can help them innovate. It’s our specialists who are so knowledgeable and willing to come in at any time to help a customer.

IF: Why do you like working at Quanex?
Brian: First, we have such a wide breadth of products, which enables us to provide real solutions to customer challenges. But, most importantly, we have the people to back up those products. I have never worked at a company with so much support and so many resources to help our customers.
IF: What’s your favorite part of your job?
Brian: Solving problems for customers. I enjoy bringing them into the Quanex family and showing them the many ways we can help them reach their goals.
IF: What inspires you outside of work?
Brian: When I’m on the road, the best part is coming home and catching up with family. I have three grown children, a 12-year-old daughter and a 5-month-old granddaughter. And my wife and I have a large extended family. There’s nothing more important.
IF: Do you do any volunteer work in your community?
Brian: I have the honor of working with my neighbor to help men and women returning from service integrate back into society. This can be a difficult time. With the help of our local American Legion, we are here to give them the support they need. I am proud to be part of making their lives a little easier.

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