March 14, 2019

Delivering the Personal Touch

by Guest Blogger

Last week we wrote about how, in a world where digital marketing seems to get increasingly important, extending a personal touch can make all the difference in reaching your customers.

That’s an important insight, and it’s one that extends beyond how you attract new customers. No matter what kind of business you run today, your customers have options. And providing them with a remarkable, personal experience that shows you care is critical in everything you do for them.

As Erin noted, we’re still an industry that revolves around people, whether it’s manufacturers, installers, architects, homebuilders, or homeowners. Here are a few more things worth thinking about in working to provide that exceptional customer experience at every turn:

Stay customer-centric. “Customer centricity” is something of a buzzword these days, but in order for it to work, it has to be a true operating principle. Every part of the team must be working toward the best interests of your customers, and how to serve them better.

Ask yourself: How is your organization putting the customer first today? Are sales teams checking in with customers only when it’s time for another order, or are they being proactive and asking about other ways your organization can help? Are you offering services or support beyond a simple transaction? And perhaps most importantly: Are your teams empowered to put the customer first in everything they do?

Intangibles matter. A great product or service isn’t the only reason your customers do business with you. Other reasons could include things like…

  • The decade-long relationship your top salesperson has formed with a key customer.
  • That same salesperson’s ability to proactively anticipate customer needs.
  • The additional service and support provided to tackle any challenge that may arise.
  • The friendly service customers are always treated to, no matter whom they’re interacting with.
All of these things are important, and they’re indicative of something deeper: that you truly care about the customer and their success. With that, you can better understand how best to serve them, help meet their challenges, and work to offer new solutions they want and need.

Internal customers matter, too. Ensuring our customers are receiving the best experience possible means taking care of the people that are responsible for providing that experience: your employees.
That could mean investing in new skills for your plant floor employees, helping them do their jobs better to deliver a more reliable product. It could mean empowering sales and marketing to do whatever it takes to provide exceptional customer care. It requires an environment of collaboration, respect, support and total alignment between all teams—and it needs to start at the top.

Customer expectations are becoming more demanding. And though some things may go out of style, a truly customer-focused organization will always find success.

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