September 24, 2020

Customer Experience Means Everything, Especially Now

by Carrie Scheetz


For the past several years, many companies have placed a heavy emphasis on customer experience – and rightfully so. According to a study by Gartner, customer experience drives two-thirds of loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined, with their experiences in just the previous three months impacting loyalty most.

For window companies, that has meant rethinking digital strategies to not only accommodate the modern consumer’s research preferences but to create a seamless experience from initial contact with the brand to consultation and post-purchase follow-up. Because when any stage in the process is broken, we run the risk of losing business to the competition.

In today’s world, experience is even more important as we all adapt to new, often virtual ways of doing business.

At Quanex, things have been no different. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a “customer obsessed” organization, always looking for new and better ways to provide the support our customers need. We offer marketing support to help our customers sell the value of the brands and products online and offline. We have some of the industry’s best technical support with experts at our customers’ disposal when it comes to efficient line layouts, automated solutions, quality control support and so much more.

But, like all of you, we’ve had to adapt. One example comes out of California where the opportunity to provide on-site technical support remains limited.

Tele-Tech Services on the West Coast.
Life during the pandemic has presented unique challenges for our tech services team. Hector Cortez Jr., our senior tech services rep in the Southwest and Latin America, took matters into his own hands and created his own “Tele-Tech Services.” He approached his supervisor, John Ryba, about setting up a makeshift application area in his living room. He constructed a table, ordered the shuttles, some glass and spacer, and began training customers through Zoom.

20200903_122257.jpg According to Cortez, the best part about being able to do this is getting to interact with customers again. They can stop and ask questions and get answers in real time. He is able to walk them through the IG construction process, and he has even adapted his process to be able to show either Dura or Super Spacer depending on what the customer is using.

Even though most places do not allow visitors right now, Cortez has found a way to still be able to deliver the quality “Signature Service” that our customers have come to expect from Quanex.
Customer experience takes creativity.
Regardless of the industry, customer base or geography, making connections and creating positive experiences must be a priority. We’re learning that there are ways to accomplish our goals that are different from “the way it’s always been done.” Like Cortez, companies need to be willing to think outside the box and deliver on the needs of the customer.

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